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St. Sylvester's College

Kandy Est. 1940

Crown on head · Crest on chest · Maroon in blood


To produce a Sylvestrian gentlemen who is capable of overcoming the challenges of the modern world, bearing a balanced personality enriched with knowledge, versatility, and humanity upholding the College traditions with gratitude


To bestow the society, a true citizen of virtue, wisdom, and power

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Embrace the journey of knowledge, friendship, and self-discovery

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Dear Students, Staff, and Esteemed Visitors,

I am thrilled to warmly welcome you to our college's new digital home – our freshly launched website! Today marks a significant milestone as we embrace the limitless potential of technology to enhance the educational experience.
Our college has consistently stood at the forefront of academic excellence and innovation, and this new website stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to staying ahead in the digital age.
As we embark on this digital journey, I encourage each one of you to approach it with enthusiasm, curiosity, and an unyielding dedication to excellence. Together, we can shape a brighter future.
Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone by visiting our new website at www.stsylvesterscollege.lk. Here's to embracing the possibilities of the digital era and forging ahead together.
With warm regards,

R.A.A.R. Ranasinghe Principal

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64th Battle of the Babes

2024-03-30 12:33:16

As the sun sets on a successful inning, we remain undefeated. The day unfolded with tranquility, peace, and joy echoing through the field. Here's to more victories ahead!


64th Battle of the Babes

2024-03-29 23:19:22

A joyful and thrilling match culminates with a final score of 227 runs, achieved in 51 overs with 6 wickets down. What a fantastic display of sportsmanship and skill!


64th Battle of the Babes

2024-03-29 23:17:09

Yoshith Isuranga's explosive innings: 4 fours, 1 six, all in just 60 balls!


64th Battle of the Babes

2024-03-29 23:14:30

Chandupa Waduge shines bright with a half-century in just 54 balls!

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